1446 BC – Moses receives the Ten Commandments and constructs a chest to carry them; this chest will be known as the Ark of the Covenant

506 BC – Sun Tzu leads the Wu army against the Chu army in the Battle of Boju, the decisive battle of the war between the two kingdoms

336 BC – Alexander is named king of Macedonia after the death of his father Philip II. Alexander will eventually be known as "Alexander the Great" and will spread his empire and Greek culture to much of the known world

218 BC – During the Second Punic Wars, Carthaginian general Hannibal crosses the Alps into Italy with an army, using elephants. Hannibal led many battles in Italy, but was never able to invade Rome itself

52 BC – Roman armies led by Julius Caesar lay siege to Alesia during the Gallic campaigns

30 AD – The day before his crucifixion, Jesus of Nazareth and his apostles have a meal known as the Last Supper. The cup that Jesus uses will be called the Holy Grail

440 AD – The Huns, led by Attila, invade the Roman empire

1066 – Norman armies under the command of "William the Conqueror" defeat the Saxons near Hastings in East Sussex, England. Saxon King Harold I is killed by an arrow. The battle marks the beginning of the Norman conquest of England

1206 – Genghis Khan unites warring Mongol tribes and is proclaimed emperor. Khan eventually establishes a Mongol empire which extends from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Black Sea in the west

1456 – Prince Vlad Tepes seizes power after one other failed attempt to become the prince and ruler of Walachia. Vlad's cruel and brutal punishments of his enemies gain him the name "Vlad the Impaler"

1502 – Montezuma becomes ruler of the Aztec Empire, and during his reign uses warfare to expand the empire to its greatest size.

1547 – Ivan IV is crowned the first Czar of Russia. His ruthless rule will earn him the nickname "Ivan the Terrible"

1643 – During the English civil war, James McCullen IX is caught supplying weapons to both sides by Lord Cromwell's men. As punishment, McCullen is forced to wear a steel mask. Instead of disgracing the McCullens, the steel mask becomes a badge of honor to be worn by each head of the clan

1752 – The McCullen clan establishes the naval gun foundry that would become MARS (Military Armaments Research Syndicate), an entity which would become the largest manufacturer of state-of-the-art weaponry systems in the world

1776 – The United States of America becomes a nation

1779 – European adventurer and nobleman, The Count of St. Germain, arrives in Altona (a borough in the Germany city of Hamburg) and outfits a laboratory for alchemical experiments

1804 – Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned Emperor of France

1861 – American Civil War begins

1865 – American Civil War ends

1881 – The gunfight at the O.K. Corral

1897 – Several bizarre attacks and deaths in London, England are attributed to a "vampire"

1914 – World War I begins

1916 – Five shark attacks (two on the Jersey shore and three in Matawan Creek) occur within twelve days, leaving four people dead

1918 – World War I ends

1931 – Eliot Ness and his group of law enforcement officials, nicknamed "The Untouchables," take down Chicago crime boss Al Capone

1935 – Robert “Rusty” Wallace in born in Waterloo, IA

1936 – Famed archeologist, Dr. Henry Jones, Jr., seeks the Ark of the Covenant

1938 – Joseph B. Colton is born in Central Falls, RI; Dr. Jones seeks the Holy Grail

1939 – World War II begins

1940 – Frederic R. Wallace is born in Waterloo, IA; American Bantam car company builds the first jeep vehicle in Butler, PA

1941 (December 7) – Japan attacks the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Habor which causes the United States to enter WWII

1943 (January 7) – Famed inventor Nikola Tesla dies in New York City. It is rumored that Tesla was developing a “death ray” weapon but plans for this weapon go missing following his death

1944 – Master Sergeant Robert S. Savage leads his squad (nicknamed “The Screaming Eagles) on a mission into Berlin. The squad is betrayed by one of their members, Lt. Garrison Krieger, a double-agent for the Axis Powers. The entire squad is killed and Krieger is rewarded with command of the newly created I.R.O.N. Army

1945 – WWII ends; Clayton M. Abernathy is born in Denver, CO; The US government commences Operation Paperclip, bringing German scientists, engineers, and technicians to the United States to aid in technological advancement and give the US a military edge over the USSR in the Cold War

1947 – R. William Lewis is born in Philadelphia, PA; A high-altitude balloon from Project Mogul crashes in the desert near Roswell, NM. The debris and subsequent military cover up of the incident cause many to believe that an extraterrestrial craft has crashed on earth

1948 – James McCullen XXIV is born in Callander, Scotland

1949 – Lonzo R. Wilkinson is born in Detroit, MI

1950 – The Korean War begins; Conrad S. Hauser is born in St. Louis, MO; Snake Eyes is born somewhere in the USA

1952 – Shana M. O’Hara is born in Atlanta, GA; Vincent R. Falcone's father serves with the 10th Special Forces Group Airborne from its activation on June 11 at Fort Bragg, NC

1953 – The Korean War ends; Anastasia Cisarovna is born somewhere in Europe

1955 – The Vietnam War begins; Vincent R. Falcone is born in Fayetteville, NC

1960 – Colton graduates from West Point Military Academy, he joins Special Forces and quickly distinguishes himself as an outstanding Green Beret

1961 – President Kennedy sends 400 United States Army Special Forces personnel to South Vietnam to train South Vietnamese soldiers following a visit to the country by Vice-President Johnson

1963 – In response to the rise of terrorist organizations (Red Shadows, SPECTRE, Black Dragon Syndicate, etc.), President Kennedy creates an anti-terrorist team and places Lt. Colton in command; (November 22) President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, TX

1964 – Recently promoted Captain Colton’s team, codename: G.I. Joe, comes together to deal with the Red Shadows and Black Dragon Syndicate, while the CIA and England’s MI-6 handle SPECTRE

1965 – US involvement in the Vietnam War escalates when President Johnson sends in ground troops

1967 – Snake Eyes enlists in the Army and is eventually sent to Vietnam where he meets Lonzo Wilkinson and Thomas Arashikage; (December 9) Captain Robert “Rusty” Wallace, cousin of Fred Wallace, is killed in action in Vietnam

1968 – (January 31) The Tet Offensive

1969 – Sgt. Conrad Hauser joins special forces and works with tribesmen in the boonies of South Vietnam; Due to the negative feelings for the US Military resulting from the Vietnam War, Major Colton fakes retiring from the military so he can undertake missions as an "adventurer"

1970 – Lt. Col. Colton puts together the Adventure Team to continue to execute various "black ops" missions under the guise of a group of explorers and thrill seekers

1971 – An LRRP unit consisting of Lonzo Wilkinson, Thomas Arashikage, Snake Eyes, Wade Collins, Ramon Escobedo and Dick Saperstein engage in a firefight with North Vietnamese soldiers. Escobedo and Saperstein are killed and Collins is seriously injured. Believing Collins is dead, Wilkinson, Arashikage and Snake Eyes retreat to a landing zone for rescue. Collins is captured by the North Vietnamese and held in prison for the next two years; Sgt. Conrad Hauser declines a commission; (November 24) A man who used the name "Dan Cooper" to purchase an airline ticket hijacks his flight and then parachutes from the plane with the ransom money. His fate is unknown.

1972 – Snake Eyes is sent home from Vietnam; his parents and twin sister are killed in a car crash on the way to pick him up; Bill Lewis becomes a defense contractor to the U.S. Government

1973 – America’s combat role in the war ends due to the signing of the Paris Peace Accords; Many American POWs are released by the Vietnamese and begin to come home, including Wade Collins; Snake Eyes joins the Arashikage Ninja Clan in Japan at the behest of Thomas Arashikage

1974 – Bill Lewis is framed by a corrupt general and charged with treason; Before he can be put on trial, Lewis fakes his own death and disappears (unbeknownst to him, his fiancé, Katherine Kessler, was about to reveal that she was pregnant)

1975 – The Vietnam War officially ends; Lewis begins traveling the country to recruit other like-minded individuals to his anti-government cause, individuals such as Fred Wallace and Wade Collins; a rogue shark kills five people off the coast of Amity Island

1976 – The Red Shadows obtain the plans to Tesla’s “death ray.” In a major battle, Colonel Colton’s team captures many of the Red Shadows while their leader, Wilder Vaughn, vanishes. The Red Shadows organization is believed to be defeated

1977 – Sean “Broca” is born in Roseville, CA; a new incarnation of the Adventure Team investigates a company named Terron Industries and its CEO, Sebastian Gorman, who is supposedly conducting illegal scientific experiments

1978 – The Hard Master is assassinated and Snake Eyes leaves Japan; Joe Colton is promoted to general and becomes a top advisor in the military

1979 (November 4) – The Iranian Hostage Crisis begins

1980 – The US Armed Forces attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages (Operation Eagle Claw). The mission fails and eight servicemen are killed when a helicopter crashes into a transport plane

1981 – (January 20) The Iranian Hostage Crisis ends; The US government begins to investigate a paramilitary terrorist organization calling themselves “Cobra Command”

1982 – (February 17) Intelligence operatives get photos of “blue uniformed” Cobra operatives; In response, the Secretary of Defense authorizes the creation of a mobile strike force to counteract this new threat; (Late February) Snake Eyes is living in a cabin in the High Sierra Mountains when he is recruited for Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta (Codename: G.I. Joe) by Col. Abernathy and Sgt. Wilkinson; (spring) – The G.I. Joe team original roster comes together

1982 – (June) On their first mission together as rapid deployment force, the G.I. Joe Team is led into a Cobra trap. Snake Eyes sacrifices himself so the other team members can complete the mission. Snake Eyes survives, but suffers horrible burns on his face and damage to his vocal cords

1983 – G.I. Joe and Cobra recruit new members; The Baroness is severely burned during a Cobra night attack operation and has to have extensive plastic surgery; Baron Ironblood becomes leader of the reemerging Red Shadows and plans to turn it into a paramilitary organization; England tasks a unit called “Action Force” to deal with this renewed threat; The Black Major, a traitor from Action Force, becomes Ironblood's second in command

1984 – The G.I. Joe and Cobra rosters continue to expand

1985 – Both G.I. Joe and Cobra gain new members

1986 – (January 28) The space shuttle Challenge explodes during takeoff, killing all seven crew members aboard; Hawk is promoted to general; A secret cabal of Cobra scientists create a composite clone from many of the nefarious leaders throughout history including Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, William the Conqueror, Genghis Khan, Montezuma, Ivan the Terrible, and Napoleon Bonaparte (the remains of Vlad the Impaler were to be included but could not be located). The clone is named Serpentor and crowns himself emperor of Cobra; Several new recruits join each team

1987 – Cobra and the Red Shadows search for Wilder Vaughn who knows how to create Tesla’s “death ray.” General Colton (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) briefs the Joe Team regarding this potential threat; Several new members join each team, including Lt. Vincent R. Falcone who becomes the G.I. Joe team's new Executive Officer

1988 – Storm Shadow leaves Cobra; Destro forms the Iron Grenadiers from his personal bodyguards; the Cobra Civil War takes place, pitting forces led by Cobra Commander against forces led by Serpentor; the Commander's side wins and Serpentor is KIA

1994 – Cobra acquires a new weapon, a potential “doomsday device.” In response, POTUS authorizes a full scale assault of Cobra Island codenamed "Operation: Mongoose." The objective of this mission is to neutralize the weapon and defeat Cobra once and for all

2001 – (September 11) Terrorists hijack four airplanes then use them to destroy the twin towers and damage the Pentagon, killing 2,977

2006 – Count von Rani assassinates the Duchess of Mklavia, who is the leader of the country of Kalistan. Rani takes over as leader of the country and uses its resources to form the paramilitary organization SKAR, which he commands under the identity of Iron Klaw. US government agent Mr. Clancy authorizes the formation of a new G.I. Joe team lead by Lt. Daniel W. Stone and Sgt. Robert S. Savage III, grandson of the WWII hero. SKAR’s members include Steel Raven (2nd in command) and Dr. Garrett Stromm, who believes he is the reincarnation of IRON Army commander General "Blitz" Kreiger

2020 – An outbreak of the coronavirus leads to a global pandemic kiling thousands worldwide